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Work Plan for Local Responses to Global Challenges

Goals: Maintain the environmental balance that supports the needs of all living creatures while also protecting public health and providing an improved quality of life Ensure an improved economic future by not wasting or compromising our environmental resources Provide local control over state assets to increase state resources Objectives: Preserve and enhance environmental protections Oppose ports for the transmission of coal Advocate energy generation methods with the least impact on the environment Establish a State Financial Institution Develop and guarantee multimodal options for transportation

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Work Plan for Equality and Economic Justice, including Health Care

Goals: Protect the safety net for economically or physically challenged state residents, permitting them to be healthier contributors to their communities Prevent levels of disparity in wealth and opportunity that lead to social dysfunction and increased criminal activity Create and maintain programs, systems, and institutions required to keep people in good physical health   Objectives: Support increased access to health care by expanding Medicaidto restore coverage formerly provided through Basic Health Plan and Disability Lifeline Maintain or increase support for women’s health and family planning Protect remaining social safety net, seeking opportunities to repair that net Oppose any reduction of Basic Health Plan benefits and Disability Lifeline support, documenting the costs of not maintaining these programs Reinstate eliminated programs needed to support neighbors whose challenges have not been eliminated Tax reform: Reform the state tax structure to be more equitable and create revenue needed to restore and retain basic services…

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Work Plan for Criminal Justice

Goals: Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over attempts to punish offenders Identify and address the causes of crime Replace costly incarceration for both juvenile and adult offenders through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education whenever appropriate Redress the racial inequity of our current criminal justice system Support offenders’ efforts to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society Objectives: Restorative Justice Support educational programs on restorative justice statewide Support increased use of restorative justice programs as options for diversion of juvenile offenders in jurisdictions statewide Sentencing Reform and increased support for re-entry Repeal the Death Penalty Support higher education opportunities for prisoners Develop a program for earned release based on a sentence review board End the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for juveniles Reform Three Strikes law Gun Violence Explore avenues to address gun violence such as resolving victim-offender tensions, gun control,…

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Criminal Justice

Convener, Criminal Justice Working Group: Sam Merrill email: Read More on our Facebook page 2017 Focus Issues: Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy Criminal Justice Working Group Priority issues for the 2017 legislative session: Reform Legal Financial Obligations: Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) amount to criminal justice debts owed by released prisoners.  Specifically, LFOs are debts required of ex-prisoners for restitution, court costs, fines, drug treatment, etc.  These debts accrue 12% interest starting at the beginning of incarceration and continuing until they are paid. Most released prisoners, particularly those with a background of low income including many people of color, have a difficult time getting housing or a job. As a consequence, they find it almost impossible to pay off these debts, a situation that compromises their ability to reconstruct their lives. We expect a bill similar to last year's that would (1) except for restitution, eliminate the interest, (2)…

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Alert concerning transportation issues

Friends, Attached is an Alert concerning transportation issues.  FCWPP advocates: A balanced package addressing roads, transit, walkability and bicycle amenities and the Special Needs Transportation Fund Stable state level funding sources Options for local jurisdictions to raise revenues to meet local needs In advance of a possible special legislative session in November, listening sessions on transportation issues have been arranged by members of the legislature:   Oct. 14 – Seattle 6-9 p.m.  (Note New Location) First Presbyterian Church, 8th and Spring, Seattle, WA Oct. 15 – Bellingham 6-9 p.m. Port of Bellingham Cruise Terminal, 355 Harris Ave., Bellingham WA 98225 FCWPP urges Friends to attend these sessions and to submit comments as led, either in person during the listening sessions or online at: Legislative Committee Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy

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