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Increase to TANF

Economic Justice Update The House dropped its budget last week, and there is much better news on the House side. It features a number of our economic priorities. Increase to TANF $11.8 million for an 8 percent increase to programs. (The TANF grant, workfirst, etc.) $5.1 to raise asset limits to $10,000 for a vehicle and $6,000 in savings; $2.6 million for a $10-a-month stipend for food in child-only cases; and $1.3 million to change the means testing for kids in kinship care on TANF (living with a relative not their parent) The full increase is about $20.7 million in total, but only about 50% of those funds go to programs like the TANF grant. The net increase to the TANF grant program specifically is about 6%, rather than the originally estimated 12%. HENS/ABD The funding mechanism for HENS and ABD has been doubled in the House budget, but HENS…

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Call on Washington State to augment its currently inadequate human services.

Friends, As an organization, Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy supports Friends in expressing their values to their legislators and to see those values embodied in policy. As actors in the democratic process, we believe that a budget is ultimately a moral document which at its core expresses what our society values, and what it doesn't. With this in mind, Quaker Voice has joined a growing coalition calling on Washington State to augment its currently inadequate human services. We have supported Governor Inslee's call to double Housing and Essential Needs rent support from $198 to $400. We have supported restoring TANF funding to its 1996 levels by increasing its funding by 30%. And we have supported broadening the educational opportunities supported by the Workfirst program from one year to two years, which is available to eligible TANF recipients. Unfortunately, the budget proposal dropped by the majority Senate caucus yesterday moves us in the opposite…

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